Who We Are


USA, ceo

Jonathan is an attorney and the CEO of our operations. Based in the United States, Jonathan directly overseas a team of volunteers that ensures our teams in the field receive the logistical and financial support they need to complete their mission.


italy, Executive director

Alvaro, MD

spain, MedicAL Director in europe

Emergency Doctor with interest in Prehospital, Remote and Hostile Medicine

Olena, MD

UKRaine, medical advisor in ukraine

Olena is our Medical Advisor in Ukraine.


USA, operations manager in ukraine


estonia, logistics director in ukraine



Jack is an Australian Paramedic with a specialty in healthcare delivery in remote and austere environments, having worked previously as a lead medic in the Middle East, Africa and Americas. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” J.R.R Tolkien



Sander is a combat medic and EMT from Norway. He has been volunteering in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.



Eli is an American paramedic working full-time as a firefighter and paramedic in Nevada. “I believe this war is my generation’s fight for the free world and democracy I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but helping those whose lives are destroyed by it. During my first trip to Ukraine I found Ukrainians to be some of the bravest, most patriotic and kindest people I could have ever imagined and it is an honor to take the risk we do to be able to help them.”


Usa, volunteer

Luke is the Director of a group of young adults on the Loma Linda University campus who are actively collecting medical supplies and other support for Ukraine.


ukraine, volunteer


norway, nurse anesthetist

Works full time as a lead medic in a search and rescue helicopter in the North Sea. Helps out in Ukraine when he is on leave. Former experience as a flight and combat medic in Somalia.


ukraine, volunteer

Alex is a full-time translator for Frontline Medics.


USA, volunteer

Mike is a Certified Emergency Nurse and Critical Care Paramedic working in California


FRANCE, medic

Côme is a French medic working full-time as a firefighter in France. “I decided to help Ukraine since the beginning of the war by organizing humanitarian convoys in 2022. The goal was to bring food and medicine and to bring back refugees to France. For me this war immediately reminded me the WW2 and the fight against all forms of extremism or imperialism to defend a free and democratic world.”


USA, Volunteer

Colin works as a Firefighter in the U.S. He has experience working in combat and austere environments from Afghanistan to West Africa.


USA, Volunteer

Griffin is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic.
“I’m in Ukraine trying to do my part in helping Ukraine maintain its independence.”


Canada, medic


Poland, medic


ukraine, medic


ukraine, medic


ukraine, volunteer


USA, volunteer

“I am very grateful to be able to help the Ukraine people. May God bless and protect our team in this war-zone.”


ukraine, volunteer


USA, volunteer

Christine is a social media volunteer for Frontline Medics. She has deep compassion for the people of Ukraine, having visited multiple times before the war and has friends throughout the country and many who are now refugees.


ukraine, volunteer


ukraine, volunteer

Phil & Irene

USA / ukraine, volunteers


ukraine, volunteer


USA, Web Developer

Sabrina started volunteering as a web developer in the Summer of 2022. She was the web developer behind the initial creation and launch of this website and has been maintaining whenever her schedule permits, as she is also a student completing her computer science degree.